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Hoodwinked in the Hothouse. False solutions to climate change

We can take steps, large and small, to stop the climate crisis. What we cannot afford to do is go down the wrong road. Hoodwinked in the Hothouse is an easy and essential guide to navigating the landscape of false solutions—the cul-desacs on the route to a just and livable climate future. Includes Waste-to-Energy, Landfill-gas-retrieval, and biomass.

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Nothing Neutral Here: Large-scale biomass subsidies in the UK and the role of the EU ETS

UK-based power companies are using the myth that biomass is 'carbon neutral' to continue their emissions and greenwash their polluting activities permitted under the EU Emissions Trading System and other EU legislation. This deceptive accounting undermines analysis that places emissions from biomass on a par with fossil fuels. This British biomass boom is set to benefit polluters and cause widespread environmental destruction through land grabs and deforestation.

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