Organizing cools the planet: Tools and reflections to navigate the climate crisis

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This booklet is: A starting point. We hope these ideas will be quickly deepened or replaced by our peers as we expand and extend this conversation; An articulation of a political framework (Climate Justice) to understand some of the challenges we face and respond to them. It isn’t static. It isn’t the only useful framework in addressing climate change, either. But while the parameters and definitions of Climate Justice are in flux, we are articulating the current framework we’ve been operating with at the moment; An organizing tool that groups and individuals can use to navigate the North American Climate Justice movement led by impacted communities (primarily low income communities, communities of color, and Indigenous peoples); An honest reflection on the political frameworks, ideas, and practices climate activists have used, and how they have fared in making change around us. How do our models look in real life? Are they working?; A set of tools and insights that are reflective of our personal journeys, limited by our own experience and context; Intended for organizers who are having similar challenges to ours. We’re writing for people like us.

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