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Energy efficiency

Food waste is the single largest category of municipal solid waste (MSW) in California at 5.9 million tons or 16% of total MSW as of 1999 (CIWMB, 1999). Diverting a portion of food waste from landfills can provide a significant contribution toward achieving EPA, state, and local mandated solid waste diversion goals. In addition, diverting food waste from landfills prevents uncontrolled emissions of its breakdown products, including methane—a potent greenhouse gas. Currently, only about 2.5% of food waste is recycled nationwide, and the principal technology is composting.

Region: North America
Year of publication : 2008
Document Type: Report&Data

This report lays down some challenges to conventional wisdom and some dearly held beliefs. It is a piece of work which, from the author’s perspective, has been many years in its gestation, and which has a number of important implications.

Year of publication : 2006
Document Type: Report&Data